About the Tritones

The Tritones are a classical trio group of professional musicians including flute, violin, and guitar. Their specialty is in wedding music. What makes them unique is a very wide range of song selection coupled with the energy that is presented in each and every one of their performances together.

The group met through a network of friends in August 2005 after Nirvana was asked to come up with a flute, violin, and guitar for an event in Kirkland. When the group met and rehearsed they immediately realized that together they had the makings of a very unique and exciting group. They decided to call themselves the Tritones because of having three members, and because the word tritone is also a musical term...(although not referring to the majority of the music they play)-the word seemed to have a certain ring to it!

The Tritones can perform anything; their repertoire includes songs traditionally scored for trio group, (and due to their skilled transcriptionist, Timothy Freeman who also plays violin in the group)reductions of famous large scale works... the group performs Classical, Celtic, Classical Jazz, Folk, Tango, and Modern. Their repertoire list continues to grow including more and more selections from different genres. The group is best known for their unique rendition of “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, which continues to draw a large crowd!

The group enjoys traveling, as they perform in the greater Seattle area, Whidbey and San Juan Islands, and in their home town of Bellingham, WA. Their musical mission is to continue to delight audiences with the joy, the passion, and the presence that their live music offers.